In one week, voters in Post 2 will be choosing their school board representative. When making that decision, I ask that you consider the following key factor and share this with your friends and family.

Experience: I have over 30 years of experience as an educator, serving as a teacher, counselor, school leader, district leader and educational consultant to schools and systems throughout the state. I have never been satisfied with the status quo and have a proven record of success at every level. Through experience, I have learned how to get things done. As your school board representative, I will use that experience to be a strong and effective advocate for our families and educators.

On November 4th, I hope you will vote for me, Susan Thayer, to be your voice on the School Board. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Why I am running

  • There is no more important business than the education of our students.
  • The school communities in Post 2 must have strong, knowledgeable leadership on the school board.
  • With 36 years of experience in education, I understand the learning process and the unique problems our schools face.  I will provide that leadership.
  • I will work with parents, school system employees, other school board members and the business community to make Cobb the most outstanding school system in the State.

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